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Health Coaching


As a Health Coach, I can be your supportive Mentor and wellness person that can help you feel your best through food and lifestyle changes. Just as important is the food that you eat, it is also important to  look at your relationships, career, exercise and spirituality.  …   I am here to help you as a person become who you really want to be.  It is such a maze out there as to how to lose weight, how to balance work, family and life and to be healthy and the statistics are growing in relation to terrible diseases, illnesses and generally  busy lives.   I can look at all areas of your life and we can start working on the ones that are pulling you back.  Health Coaching will start you on your journey of health and happiness.



Health Lift and Autoimmune Programs

This 30 day program is for you if you are finding that there are not enough hours in the day and you are not eating and exercising as well as you should and you may have an illness.   It also is for women who are unsure about what to eat so that you can manage your weight, hormones, energy levels.  It also incorporates Autoimmune illness and how you can live comfortably with Autoimmune.  We will be covering 4 strategies over the 30 days to get you started. You then have the option of continuing with the Maintenance program and this will offer a lot more. 


We will be working on food, menu planning, grocery lists, time management, how to create work/family/you time balance, relationships, careers, finance/budgeting and lots more. There will be a weekly Facetime Live session to catch up with everyone and chat about any questions or problems you may be having.  Most of the time we are eating foods that are making us bloated, tired and eventually can create illnesses like Autoimmune, Heart Disease, Overweight, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and the list goes on….   So it is really important to look after yourself and then you will have the energy and happiness to enjoy your lifestyle.  Your body is your vehicle for life so you need to fuel it right in food, self-care and lifestyle so you don’t breakdown.  Come and join us…


Personalised coaching is also available. 

We will be working one on one and you will have a very individualized program which will take your self-esteem, health and happiness to another level.    





Matwork classes are Pilates based and feature low impact and controlled exercises to improve flexibility, building strength in muscles, balance, core strength and posture.  As you move through the movements, you will be amazed at how you will feel.  These are held at on the beach and also in the park at Coolum Beach.


Pilates Plus

This class is a mixture of Pilates exercises and cardio to mix up your workout.  Great for those that like a bit of action and you will walk away feeling energized.


Mums and Bubs

A special class for the Mum’s who are out there wanting to socialize and meet people and also to get back into shape…   You can bring your little ones along and enjoy a pilates class.  All levels welcome and bring along some toys and mat for your little cherubs…


This session is performed on the Pilates Reformer machine and we will be working one on one to work through any weaknesses and strengthen your whole body.  We can take it to whatever level you like.  This is a great workout.    It’s also very good  if you have injuries, back pain as you can gradually build up.  Amazing results….