About Me

"...work was full on and quite stressful and I was still a full time working mum..  I put on weight because I didn’t have time to exercise or cook properly and obviously socializing more…"

My story begins having fun as a kid.  We were brought up to be active and participated in different sports and  there was lots of fun out and about on the Orchard that was my playground.  My favourite place was the river and a little sandy beach with rock pools…  My other passion that I loved was food…   My mum would cook everything..   No fast food living kilometres out of our small country town… I learned to cook from my Mum and I continued with having Dinner Parties and recipe hunting to find something yummy to cook.   We always ate healthy and it wasn’t until I started High School that I started eating Junk food.  I started putting on weight and my skin was breaking out but thought that was just being a teenager.  I also got quite sick and after a few operations was back on track, then I was diagnosed with another illness which really rocked me. This one I was on medication forever.   I got a job in a bank, got married, had kids and I became the fulltime working mum..   I loved to work and I also loved my kids so  it was all systems go…    It wasn’t until later in life when I experienced stress at work and in a relationship that I again got sick..  This time Asthma and  fatigue.  During this time I started  to notice when the asthma came on and wrote down what I had eaten but also what was going on in my life…   I started eliminating foods and focused on what was making me so stressed and I eventually got rid of the asthma and the medications that I was taking…

Let’s move on to another era of my life when I finally got to where I wanted with my banking career and became a Manager.  I was also in another relationship and moved to where we wanted to live…  Peregian Beach … on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.  Just love  living here..  Loved the beach living and casual lifestyle..  But work was full on and quite stressful and I was still a full time working mum..  I put on weight because I didn’t have time to exercise or cook properly and obviously socializing more…   So one day,  when my work skirt was really getting tight and  I saw a work photo of myself and that was it…   Started to exercise again and looking at what I was eating..   I realized I could fit this in to my busy lifestyle and I was really only making excuses.  I made ways to make it happen.

I lost weight, I felt much more energized and I got my love of life back again…  I loved it that much that I studied fitness and  opened up a small and personal gym at Peregian Beach…  My passion for health and fitness really went up another notch…  I added Pilates to my mix and after several years of having the business, I then sold it and freelanced in Fitness, Pilates and Body Fat programs helping people lose weight and feel healthier..   BUT

I got an offer to go back into finance and I thought that this was a great opportunity to make more money and to have a few sleep in’s and have a regular income..   Well, my life went back in to a crazy stressful situation again and I really missed what I really loved to do.   So after many years in the finance industry, I again put on weight, was stressed and had really bad indigestion, even though I was eating healthy.  Zantac became my best friend.

I decided to look at what foods were making me get indigestion and then I started eliminating these foods. I then realized that these foods were making me sick along with being just to busy.   I also researched more and then I decided that I wanted to learn more and help other people with my  many years of knowledge.  I love sharing and helping people feel healthier.  I then studied and successfully completed my Intergrative Nutrition Health Coaching Diploma through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition which is based in New York.   This was amazing and I learned about so many different diets, foods, lifestyle, relationships, self care and spirituality.  It was everything that I was looking for.

It was during this time that my daughter was diagnosed with MS and she was 28 years old with 2 little kids.  It was devastating to watch her be an active mum and then to have this in her life.  I researched even more about WHY!!!!!!   What has caused this????   I found some amazing  specialists, scientists, coaches  from all around the world and they had great results from applying a different approach to people.  I started helping people in changing their food and lifestyle, looking at Gut issues and I then saw the results first hand and I was so grateful that I could help them feel better and alive again and to be able to enjoy their life.

What can I do for you?

Your health is in your hands, all you need is some help. I can hold your hand through your journey to a better place, we’ll be working on food choices, meal planning and shopping, relationships, self-care, how to destress, exercise movement, careers, inspiration and spirituality..   And ensuring that you keep on track with support all the way…

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